Perhaps it’s because the kids have their own lives now. Or maybe the community just isn’t what it used to be. Whatever the cause, you now feel like it might be time to pack up and move to another location. But first you need to sell your home. It’s sure to pick up a good price, especially in today’s housing market.
But to add that special touch to its overall price, here are some tips that’ll increase your property’s resale value!

Tip#1: Upgrade Your Kitchen and Bathroom

The bedrooms and the living rooms are meant to be like blank canvases. The kitchen and bathrooms on the other hand, give homeowners a lot of freedom. Since you’re thinking about selling your home, it might help if you take out some of the more personal additions; make your kitchen and bathroom more appealing to the general public.

For the kitchens, you could add some energy-efficient hobs and lights. Switch the old, faded countertops for new marble countertops. Polish that old flooring. For the bathrooms, you could change the fittings and remodel the counters to add more space. Maybe swap the old mirrors for new ones.
The kitchen and bathrooms are both high-traffic areas. If you want the property to show its true value, invest in these particular rooms.

Tip#2: Modify the Floor Plans

The corridors and seemingly endless series of rooms might have suited your large family, but that might not be so appealing for other potential homeowners. If you’ve a home with a choppy, closed off layout, it might help if you change things up a bit.
Instead of keeping the living room separate, break down those walls and have an open plan design. Change the floors for the classic hardwood and add an island counter to give the kitchen/living room some character. If you have more rooms, break them down and turn 2 rooms into one big room, or vice versa. Create an adaptable living space.

Tip#3: Focus on Your Curb Appeal

Just because you didn’t have the time (or interest) to pay attention to your lawn, doesn’t mean other potential homeowners will think the same way. Change up your home’s entrance by improving the most basic details, like the front door. Switching out your basic white door with a gorgeous red lacquer front door with a brass knocker would be the perfect start. Add some shrubbery and small trees, have the driveway power-washed.

Your home’s first impression needs to stick the landing. Investing in your home’s appearance means, potential homeowners will be more tempted to see how the indoors match up!

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