1. Dark Walls Probably a concept that one wouldn’t even dare to think of a few years ago, but dark accent walls are definitely the hottest trend for interior home paint right now. People are stepping up to using bold, dark colors such as charcoal black for their accent walls in their bedrooms as well as living rooms. It tends to create a dramatic statement while keeping their homes trendy.
  2. Unexpected Color Combinations 2018 is the year of surprises, and homeowners are starting to incorporate this element of surprise in choosing the color combinations for their walls. Pairing colors that you wouldn’t think would ever work together is actually working out quite gorgeously for home interiors. A bold purple with shades of blue, or neon green with dark blue are examples of such combinations which would help give your room a modern twist.
  3. Fresh Pastels Gone are the days of white and beige neutrals. It is time for a fresh minimalist palette to shine through. Mint greens, blush pinks and light yellows create the perfect aura of freshness that you want to come home to and rewind after a long day at work. Soft yellows, greens and pinks work especially well to give off calm and harmonious vibes.
  4. Geometric Patterns Another bold statement that’s trending right now is a sleek geometric pattern out of triangles or hexagons. Interior decorators are currently in love with the use of stencils to create a pattern on a single statement wall in the room.
  5. Painted Doors Entrance doorways have been painted a long time, but now the trend has shifted to painting the interior doors a bright color. This gives your room a modern look, cheers up the vibe and makes it colorful, without you having to change the wall at all.

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